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Bits & Pieces Of Driftwood

Driftwood gnarled and tortured, water and weather worn defies description. Hold a piece one way, than another and uncover fresh viewpoints and half hidden truths and unlooked for beauty. The choice pieces concealed under water, debris, and sand are ever awaiting discovery. Too many of us never unearth the treasures that abide in the sands and recesses of solitude. The pieces of driftwood often uncovered and reexamined around evening campfires are the essays of interspersed herein. The one liners are just that, "bits" often inspired by nature or the miracle of The Northern Lights at midnight on the trail. It is the fond hope and prayer of the Beachcomber that you will find some of his worth researching and deeper investigation.

- William Malewitz, The Beachcomber

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